Failure is not a word in my vocabulary, which is why I chose to become a developer. I love coding because it gives me the power and tools to create something that adds value to people’s lives, whether it be a simple quiz game or a company intranet dashboard.

I geek out on creating JS Modules, Promises, API and building responsive applications.

When not behind the keyboard, I love to spend my time with my beautiful wife Jenna, my fur kids Ella & Mia. I also serve my country as a specialist in the US Army Reserves. I enjoy reading, playing ukulele/guitar and other creative activities.


A crypto incubator to help you make investments decision by displaying real time crytptocurrency values and analytics from top exchanges.
Star Wars Quiz App
An application to quickly test your knowledge about Star Wars.
IDK, an app that answers your question when you don't know. Powered by Google Maps API.
Weather App
Do you know the current Weather forecast? Me neither, let's check it out using the Weather App.